We live in Mwanza, Tanzania, serving with Emmanuel International helping local churches in physical and spiritual ministry.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Back on the Lake

Travelling on the ferry on Lake Victoria to our church service today, it was painful to contemplate the horror and terror that preceded so many deaths on Thursday. Horrible to contemplate what the rescuers are going through with the many bodies to pull out of the water. Everything was going through our minds on how things could have been or should be different. But it happened and today the burials have begun and as families grieve deeply, the whole nation mourns. 

Our ferry was probably the emptiest we have ever travelled on. We were thankful for no overloading today. But even today, when you are out there on the Lake, you cannot fail to appreciate the amazing beauty and vastness of this spot on Earth. Yes, it holds countless tragedies and deaths, but at the same time, so much beauty. And this is the tangle of our human lives, as life continues in the midst of death, and beauty exists in the midst of chaos.

It was good to be with our friend Pastor Tito and his family and church today. We are always made so welcome there! We are so humbled and encouraged by their resilience and love. They love hearing the girls speak in Swahili and this time Pastor Tito tried very hard to get Louisa to preach a whole sermon in Swahili... he is particularly fond of Louisa! He then started preaching in his limited English and asked Tim to translate into Swahili! So funny! Then he handed over to Tim to preach in Swahili and we gave up on the English! Louisa will certainly have to prepare a sermon for next time we go!

You can listen here to a little clip from the choir singing … such beautiful voices!

After the service, we went to see how the demonstration shamba is doing. It is so incredibly hot and dry now, but thoughts are of coming rains and the time of planting. The pigeon peas here do so well in drought conditions and are providing a good source of food!  The jackbeans of our farmers are also doing really well and they already have a marvellous harvest!

We then went to have lunch at the pastor's home with a few other church members.  It was delicious fish with rice and ugali. While waiting for lunch, Pastor Tito, again taking Louisa under his wing, taught her Kisukuma (the local language) as she wrote it all in her little notebook! We gave the family of box of peanut butter cookies, something different for them to try, made last night with the peanuts they gave us on our last visit! And then we walked to Phoebe's house (practicing the Kisukuma along the way) and enjoyed a quick cuddle with baby Elisha before starting the journey back home. 
With Pastor Tito and his daughter Phoebe with the pigeon peas (L)
 and jackbeans (R) at the church demonstration farm 
And now to finish with a happy announcement! The other day, our goat, Vancouver gave birth to a healthy kid. We have named him Saskatchewan (Sasky for short) and he is doing really well! You may remember we recently lost a premature kid and so we were very thankful for this safe arrival. Amisadai is delighted and I am excited about getting more goat's milk to the mamas group for Goat's Milk Soap. And now we are waiting for our dairy goat, Victoria, to give birth!

Vancouver with little Sasky!

Amisadai with little Sasky!