We live in Mwanza, Tanzania, serving with Emmanuel International helping local churches in physical and spiritual ministry.

How you can help us

We so appreciate all the support we receive from so many people! Encouragement, emails and parcels, particularly all your prayers! Please keep in touch with us here on the blog in the comments, via email (rachelmonger@gmail.com) or the old-fashioned post (PO Box 11298 Mwanza, Tanzania).

We very much appreciate the financial support we are receiving from friends and family in the UK and North America and all those who have in some way contributed to our fundraising! We are so aware of the shared effort that this work is, something we can in no way do on our own! We appreciate whatever you feel you can contribute to make this possible. Thank you so much for your involvement, for donations and monthly contributions! 

If you would like to support our work in Tanzania, please get in touch with Ellen, our link secretary (ellen@thebraithwaites.co.uk) or contact Emmanuel International UK or Emmanuel International Canada or see the EIUK website for more information. It is possible to give one-off donations, send a cheque or arrange monthly support with a standing order form.

We appreciate your involvement in all the different projects! Please let us know if you would like and are able to help with giving or fund-raising advice to particular projects (Conservation Agriculture, Stoves, Community Health, Beekeeping, Mamas of Children with Albinism etc.)

We know that the work here is made possible by so many people and we do want you to feel part of it all! So if you would like to receive weekly prayer emails or termly newsletters, please get in touch with our link secretary, Ellen 

Thank you so much!
From Tim and Rachel