We live in Mwanza, Tanzania, serving with Emmanuel International helping local churches in physical and spiritual ministry.

Who we Are

Many of you reading this blog probably know who we are ... but for those of you not so sure, here's some background information on the Mongers!

We (Tim and I) have been married since 2001. We were married in Canada where we were living in the Vancouver area of British Columbia. I (Rachel) lived there, teaching music and Tim (who had been research scientist in structural acoustics in Farmborough, UK) was studying theology at Regent College (where we met!). After a year teaching in the King's School in Langley, we moved to the UK and settled in Tadley, Hampshire where Tim became the pastor of the Tadley Community Church (part of Basingstoke Community Churches, Salt and Light Ministries) and I worked alongside and was also piano teaching. Our daughter, Amisadai was born at the end of 2003 and Louisa arrived in 2006. Amisadai later joined Aldermaston CE Primary School and Louisa enjoyed Tadley-Under-Fives.

We moved to Iringa, Tanzania in 2010, serving with Emmanuel International (E.I), working alongside local churches. In January, 2014, we moved to Mwanza, Tanzania to work alongside the Tanzania Assemblies of God Church with our good friends, Bishop Charles and Pastor Zakayo.

And that is our history in a nutshell!

We love living in Tanzania! We want to be a family among families, part of seeing people's lives transformed for both now and eternity!

And so what do we do here?

We are working on various development projects in Mwanza and the surrounding villages. We are partnered in our work with the Tanzania Assemblies of God Church. We are seeking to support and empower the church to help serve the poor in areas of community development such as conservation agriculture, beekeeping, tree planting, rural health (nutrition, HIV AIDS, hygiene and sanitation), women's groups and managing a fuel efficient stove project.  We support the church in whatever ways we can. In Tanzania we are privileged to work with a number of different churches; Tim works with church leaders and Bible Colleges and offers Bible teaching and pastoral and missional training.