We live in Mwanza, Tanzania, serving with Emmanuel International helping local churches in physical and spiritual ministry.

Conservation Agriculture & Tree Planting

In September 2014 we started a conservation agriculture project. Our new partner church here in Mwanza identified agriculture as a key area for which to help rural people.

About 80% of Tanzanians are dependent on the land for their livelihood so it is hard to underestimate to importance of addressing agricultural needs to development. The Mwanza region has a history of being unable to feed itself due to the unfavourable weather (low rainfall), adverse soil conditions, deforestation and scarcity of land.

Failed Crops
Our project aims to improve the livelihood of the rural poor by training people within local communities in conservation agricultural practices. Our hope is that this will contribute to increased yield and productivity and to the proper sustainable use of their fields.

We enjoy working with people, teaching on the care of the land, the practical principles of sustainable agriculture including early land preparation, planting (using the “holing” method), soil enrichment, mulching, using organic compost, planting mutually beneficial crops, crop rotation and the planting of appropriate trees to improve the local environment and ecosystem. Of course we also learn so much from their local knowledge and gain as much as we give.
Planting Time!

A mulched field of maize

Planting beans in furrows, adding compost
In the second and subsequent years, those we have trained in the first year will teach others in their communities so the benefits of good agricultural practices will continue to spread and many lives will be impacted and rural poverty reduced.

Tree Planting

We are also training someone from the village to manage a tree nursery who in addition to selling trees, will be able take seedlings to the fields we are working in as well as train others how to start their own nurseries for the purpose of aiding conservation agriculture.

Trees ready to plant

Planting trees

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