We live in Mwanza, Tanzania, serving with Emmanuel International helping local churches in physical and spiritual ministry.

Fuel-Efficient Stoves

The traditional household cooking method (3-stone fires) is a major cause of respiratory illness because of the excessive amounts of smoke produced. It is also damaging to eyes, causing the "red eyes" in elderly women which can then lead to them being targeted for murder as "witches". Also, using a lot of firewood it is leading to deforestation, a problem causing poverty in many rural communities. People, particularly young girls, have to go further and spend longer (sacrificing their own education) collecting firewood while their local environment is being irreversibly damaged. The aim is to establish a sustainable supply of energy efficient stoves (using 50% less firewood than 3-stone fires) made of local clay, in the rural communities, in which the income prospect for local stove producers is the incentive to produce more stoves. We work with small groups of local people, to get them started working together as a team to go on producing and marketing stoves.

Rachel helps to promote the stoves with local women through cooking demonstrations and also teaching on healthy and efficient cooking, covering nutrition, health and hygiene. We are working on tree planting initiatives and encouraging kitchen gardens for a more nutritious diet. Integral to the project is the corporate reading and study of God's Word, which together with prayer is the foundation of all we do, with His glory being our aim!

Here is a link to a recent news report from CBC on the benefits of fuel efficient stoves!

The traditional 3-stone fire
Fuel-efficient stove

An institutional fuel-efficient stove


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  2. I will appreciate building plans for your institutional fuel efficient stove for use in different sub-Saharan projects.

  3. God Bless U and Your Family...I appreciate what you are doing to my fellow Tanzania. You inspire me a lot.

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