We live in Mwanza, Tanzania, serving with Emmanuel International helping local churches in physical and spiritual ministry.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

A dog with a name, a bed and a jab

Our dog has a name! We have just found out that the dog is called Treeva! We wondered if this was short for "retriever" but it isn't! But we are told that she (we assume "she") isn't a typical Tanzanian mutt! We hope to get a photo soon!

We have also heard from Miriam Wingfield in Tanzania that a bed is being made for us! We are sending our specifications! I hadn't even thought about bed sizes when I packed all our bedding last week! Isn't it good of them to sort that out for us! It would have taken us quite a while to build it ourselves in September (I have to admit to going a bit wrong sometimes even with the flat pack IKEA furniture which comes with instructions!)

On Monday, we go back to our surgery for yet another jab! This will be our fourth appointment for vaccinations! As you can imagine, the girls are not too impressed! Even the lollipop waiting for brave girls has lost its charm! Having had Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A&B, BCG, and Dip/tet/polio ..... this one is meningitis and then we only have typhoid left to get just a few days before we leave! Playing "travel nurses" has become a bit of favourite game with the girls who enjoy dishing it out a lot more than they like getting them!

Support Update!

Our support is gradually building up! If you are not sure what this is all about, a few words of explanation ...! As the work we are doing is unpaid, we need to raise money towards our monthly living costs. Emmanuel International gives us a target of £2000 month. This covers all various living costs in Tanzania as well as different insurance costs and things like malaria tablets, and a watchman (guard). It also takes into account a monthly average of all kinds of other costs such as flights, vaccinations, vehicles etc. So far, we have reached about £450/month. We have also had very kind one-off donations of around £3600 which will greatly help, contributing to our monthly support! And our fundraising has raised over £800 as well! But, we still have a way to go! If you feel you are able to support us in this work, (anything at all from £($)1-99/month!), please contact us or Emmanuel International. Every little helps, and with many people behind us, the little does become a lot! So thank you! Asante sana!

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