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Thursday, 23 September 2010

A wind-up torch and a candle!

I am writing this on Wednesday night by candlelight as our electricity has run out! We will pay for some more tomorrow! So much yet to learn! We arrived in our new home here in Iringa on Tuesday. We were supposed to be leaving at 5:30am Monday, but because the car was still being serviced that was postponed to 9am, then 10am, then sometime before lunch, then sometime after lunch, and by 3:30, it was too late to make the 9 hour journey, so we ended up leaving at 4:45am on Tuesday!

With Huruma, Joyce, Kenneth, Jimmy, Joan, Marion
Amisadai managed to be the first Monger to get malaria less than 2 weeks after arriving in Africa! Yes, this was most unlikely given that she has been on Larium and covered in Deet, and must have been bitten very soon on arrival! But these things happen and we had our first hospital experience in Africa very early on without yet learning Swahili! Thankfully Joyce came with me and we were able to see a doctor from the church who was very helpful and sped us through the long process. Having now completed the course of medication, she is pretty much better – just rather tired! She just has to go for a check-up test at the clinic here on Friday. Thank you to those of you who heard and have been praying for her!

On our way home!

Driving from Dar-es-Salaam to our house here in Iringa, we spotted zebras, giraffes, monkeys, buffalo, warthogs, elephants, antelopes, as we passed through Mikumi National Park! How exciting! We are now happily settling into our new house! It is very spacious! The girls are sharing a room, and have been so excited unpacking all their things and setting it up! Our bedroom has an ensuite bathroom! Another bedroom will be used as an office and when we have visitors, a bedroom. We have a huge sort of wooded area outside, with an large vegetable and fruit garden, 4 rabbits, chickens and ducks (which very sadly are not laying at the moment!), and …. 6 dogs!!!! We now have them down to four! They are Woolly (our favourite), Wuki (means honey) Waffi and Lily. The two tortoises are yet to be named!

Our new house and land cruiser!

Amisadai and Louisa's bedroom

Our kitchen


We are really enjoying being with Andrew and Miriam and their boys, Ben and Sam, and also Andy and Angela. We all live a very quick walk away from each other which is wonderful! They have done such a wonderful job preparing things for us and now getting us sorted out and learning the ropes! There seems such a lot to learn – everything is so very different to what we are used to! But one step at a time! I keep my little blue notebook with me to write down the new words and phrases I learn! It is very interesting communicating with Mama Lucy who helps in the house and speaks no English! We’ve had some laughs today! I know she will be very helpful and she is lovely, but I’m having trouble getting used to the idea of leaving my housework for someone else to do! But she knows how to run the house and make ugali and do the right thing with the right foods and so will be invaluable!

For the next while we will be focussing on language training which starts on Monday. We will be learning our way around Iringa (I have a lot to discover and learn in the market!). We will make the house “our own” and the girls will officially start school (they have been doing some work while in Dar!) We have unpacked and set up the school library! We have an area marked out in the living room for school.

Now time to find another candle and wind up my torch!


  1. sounds like things are coming togethere. Willkeep you in my thoughts, jsut hope that you cna get used tosomeone doing the hoouse work foryou i would love that. take care Carina

  2. So glad things are going well and that Amisadai is better.It was lovely to get the text from Tim yesterday.Looking forward to seeing some photos soon.

    Lots and lots of love to you all.xxx

  3. Really pleased to hear you've arrived in your new home. It's been horribly wet today in Kettering, I know I've been working outside in it, so the blue sky in your house pic looks fabulous! Delighted to hear Amisadai has recovered. We all send our love and read your blog posts together as your blog sits on our desktop. Lots of love from all the Chesters.

  4. What an exciting adventure already! So pleased that Amisadai is on the mend and was able to enjoy the trip to your new home. Enjoy! Love from us both - Hazel and Richard x

  5. have you found the satelite TV yet, tim needs to be watching Liverpool, they need all the help they can get, lost to Northampton Town ha ha

  6. It is lovely to hear about your adventures already. Glad that Amisadai is now better, malaria is horrid.
    Looking forward to hearing more.
    Love Lesley ( Janets daughter.)


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