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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Chicken Run

Tragedy struck the Monger chickens! On Friday, we had the tragic slaughter of all our chickens! Disease had spread and old age had set in and it all resulted in the unfortunate end of our chickens. Spedito did the deed for us, keenly watched by Louisa who was fascinated, but Amisadai had to go inside feeling rather faint! We remain undeterred and will be giving a thorough clean to our hen house, as well as a good extension, and then will purchase some young new chickens to keep us supplied with eggs!

Spedito with the first chicken!
After the mass execution, we were able to enjoy some time out in the garden yesterday planting seeds for crops of rhubarb, corn, carrots, cabbages, cucumbers, green beans (Louisa is happy!) and lettuces (the rabbits are happy!). Thanks, Karen Fincken for the seeds - the girls each have their own little plot to tend!

Spedito and the girls hard at work!
We enjoyed a picnic outing yesterday with the Wingfields and Sharpes and all their visiting family! We went exploring, GPS's in hand, looking for some ancient rock paintings we knew to be under a large overhanging boulder! After a failed first attempt (but great picnic spot!) we found the bamboo - the clue that led us to the climb to find the paintings!

We made it!

Look for the giraffe and the elephant!
Language school is continuing to keep us busy! I still find it a bit of a strain on my brain talking to Lucy, but we have fun! We have enjoyed cooking and baking together and have made "cakey-coco-a" and banana cake! We also made a pretty good lemon curd out of green lemons, coarse brown sugar and margarine! My attempt at making butter was not quite so successful!

I have tried out the old treadle sewing machine we have here! It is a bit tricky getting started as the direction suddenly reverses if you are not careful when the treadle goes back! But I treadled away and was very satisfied to make a curtain for our food pantry to keep out the sun and flies!

Amisadai has spent today in bed. It isn't malaria - we checked! But topped up with fluids and calpol today, we hope she will be back to normal tomorrow!
... now updating on Monday ... Amisadai is much better!

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