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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Let's get cookin' ... almost!

Work has begun! This week all four of us worked together to produce our first fuel-efficient stove! It is exciting to feel we are really starting! Even if we don't yet feel Swahili-confident! The girls thought it was great, mucking about getting very dirty with the red clay! They are looking forward to lots more of this, they made their own little pots as well! The stove has to sit for three weeks and then will be fired and then be ready for use! I can't wait to cook my beans on it! There is lots to do to plan the stoves project .. where and how, and how it will be funded! There are some initial thoughts and plans, but beyond that ....! More about this soon ...

The Monger Pottery

Our works of art (the centre stove was our model!) 
Tim is away at the moment. He is in Dar-es-Salaam for five days. He has gone with Brad, our new Australian friend, who was picking up some Australian missionaries from the airport. Today, Tim has preached four sermons in the four services with Victory Christian Church! I'm sure he is now feeling rather tired! A long day today, following a long drive yesterday, following a rather difficult and eventful few days prior! But tomorrow he has the very important job (amongst other things of course) of buying as many porridge oats as he can to bring back to us!

Meanwhile, the girls and I are being well taken care of here! Lunch with Andrew and Miriam yesterday and roast pork Sunday dinner with Andy and Angela today! Louisa is struggling with a bit of an ear infection tonight, which I hope will quickly clear up! And Amisadai is fine, other than the many bites she got from climbing the dudu-inhabited mango tree today! But my next trick is to climb a papaya tree to get the sap out from an unripe papaya (still on the tree) with which to treat Amisadai's ringworm! I think that will warrant a photo for the blog and we will let you know if it works! Until then, lots of love from Tanzania!


  1. What a thought - Rachel up a gum tree without a paddle!!

  2. I love hearing your stories...can't wait to hear how the papaya climb goes ;)
    And lets hope Tim has great success with the oats!!!
    love, K & fam

  3. Linda Fitzmaurice15 November 2010 at 02:25

    I did not think it would be safe to climb a papaya tree... they have very weak stems (from what I remember in our garden in SA anyway!). Take a ladder instead. Not such a good photo opportunity, but a lot safer I would have thought.

  4. Congratulations intrepid explorers! You all look gorgeous and God is obviously with you. Sending much love, Hazel xxxx

  5. Rachel, I cleared up a fair bit of ringworm in Uganda with tea tree oil. It worked better than the prescription creams I'd brought from Canada. By the way, I am thorougly enjoying your blog. Hello to all your family. Love, Laurena

  6. I was really impressed with that centre stove until I read the caption. 10/10 for honesty. I guess who ever made that has done a few! How exciting to begin the stove process. Bethany has just had her 9th birthday and Cornwall has been flooded! Unrelated events obviously. Do you keep up with much UK news and do you know about the royal wedding?


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