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Monday, 17 January 2011

Bandas and Bunnies and a View from the Rock

The Jiko Banda

 As you will see from the photo, Tim now has a banda for stove-making, as well as some lovely blue overalls! He is now on his third jiko, although unfortunately the first was washed away in the heavy rains before the banda was built. They will soon start making the kiln in which to fire the stoves. We still need to find a local Tanzanian to work with him as the projects gets underway in the villages and would appreciate you prayers for the right person. Language studies continue to go well. Tim is practicing hard with lots of flashcards and preparing for his first sermon to preach in Swahili in a couple of weeks. I meanwhile, have just learned how to construct hypothetical sentences in Swahili – very useful!

Bunnies are growing quickly. They are very cute and a lot of fun! Over Christmas, Tim worked on the large rabbit run and much to the girls delight, they fit in as well as the bunnies!

A few weeks ago, we climbed Gangilonga Rock with Laura and the girls’ three friends, Tianna, Abeni and Kaiya. It was a relatively short, very steep climb to an amazing viewpoint on a sheer rock! From here we could see our house and across Iringa to the hills on the other side. Beautiful!

We are again posting this blog from Andy and Angela’s house, as we are still without internet! So our apologies to many readers for the lack of communication on our part! Now to post the blog Amisadai typed up after school today! Find the girls at http://mongergirls.blogspot.com/

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  1. The kiln looks most impressive, but Tim's overall isn't going to win the fashion prize.
    Lots of love
    Mum & Dad


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