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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Selling Louisa and Naming a Son

We are shortly back off to Magozi again, well stocked with more vegetables, a banana loaf, some homemade granola with our rationed oats and a big pot of chili. We are all de-wormed, almost packed and still busy translating. We are looking forward to what this week might bring! And this week we are taking 2 beds (the girls have been sharing one bed) and I am very excited about getting our own mattress off the dubious floor.

Just a quick note for those of you wondering what happened to Louisa, and before any more bids come in... I did have an offer made to me, a lady asking to buy her. But we decided to keep her. Louisa (well, both girls actually) are very popular in the village; we are surrounded by cries for "Loo-whiiz" and "Meee-sadai" as the children want to play. But not just the children; the adults love the girls' hair and skin and the girls are now used to being stroked! A Masai man took off his Masai necklace and ceremoniously tied it around Louisa's neck when he came by to see the stove. But one lady in particular is very taken with Louisa, and finally asked to buy her!

Sorry, not for sale!
But with our ownership of Louisa up for grabs, we have managed to name a son. A baby was born last week and when I was visiting and asked what his name was, the mother said he had no name. As the conversation went on, I thought she was asking me to name him, but wasn't totally sure I was getting the right end of the stick with the Swahili and didn't want to put my foot in it. But Amisadai (who is completely taken with this baby and is often holding him) took Tim to meet him and it was as I had thought. Mama wanted us to name him. What an honour! So Tim named him Victor, that in Christ, he may be just that.
Baby Victor, 1 week old
Now after three blog entries in three days, it's goodbye for a little while. Until next time ....

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  1. Losing a daughter and gaining a son - I've heard that somewhere before! We'll be praying for you back in the village and look forward to the next reports.


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