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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

What's Cooking in E.I.?

The EI Tanzania team is briefly all together again! The Wingfield family arrived on Friday evening and it has been lovely catching up with them and meeting little Bethany! But all too soon on Monday, Andy and Angela will be leaving us for three months in the UK. So there is a lot of handing over going on around here! Andy (when he isn't working on our vehicles or at the Diocese office) works on the water projects. He has been working on a number of rain-water harvesting water projects for schools in villages. It is wonderful to see these schools finally get clean running water! Andrew and Miriam then can go to these schools to teach on sanitation and hygiene to ensure that the clean water really does help the students! Andy also works on other water supplies for villages; there is lots going on! Angela (when she isn't cooking up treats in the kitchen) teaches English at Amani Bible College and keeps us all in order with the administration in the office. We are going to miss them!

While Andrew was in the UK, he put this short presentation together to show how EI can help churches help the poor. Take a look here! If you can't see it here, check it out on YouTube.

Tim is in Magozi on his own this week and the girls and I will wait and go with him next week. It has just all been rather a busy time recently and the girls and I have been struggling to stay on top of schoolwork, amongst other things (like jiko cakes and kitchen gardens!) We are working hard at it (Amisadai was blogging a bit about it today) as we know school time will be limited soon with our visitors arriving! We are getting very excited about the school team from Langley, Canada coming in a few weeks and then our friends from the UK, the Lirianos, coming in April! Please pray we find a car by then!

We enjoyed our English-style pancakes on Shrove Tuesday - with the treat of fine WHITE sugar! The girls were a bit confused though, as they assumed it was salt! To celebrate the occasion we also enjoyed a tin of Heinz Baked Beans! And with the cheese that Andrew and Miriam brought back for us grated on top, it was a real treat! You'd think with all the beans we eat here, we wouldn't get so excited about a rare tin of baked beans, but it's something else altogether!

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