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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Bye, Hi and a New Car!

I wish I had much more time to write as there seems so much to blog! But we had to pass on some good news! During all the goodbyes to the Canadian team and welcoming the Liriano family, we have now found and bought a car!!! More about all this later, but we wanted you all to know, especially those of you who so generously made this possible! We will pick the car up when we take the Lirainos back to Dar next week! Very exciting! Thank you so much for your help and prayers!

The new car ... any name suggestions?

We are all having such a lovely time with Karl, Sarah, James and Dan. The girls are so thrilled to have the boys to play with! It has been fun doing "holiday" things with them, exploring rocks and riding horses ...

Tomorrow we are all heading off to Magozi for the Easter weekend. We are looking forward to seeing how the gardens are doing as well as celebrating this important holiday with the church there! No hot cross buns there though!

So as we head off, we want to say Happy Easter to you all!

Farewell to Patti, Tia and Dean at the beach with samosas!

Fun with the Lirianos

Rock climbing!

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  1. Nice car! I'm glad that you guys were able to get it!


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