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Monday, 7 May 2012

Two Pairs of Glasses

Two more pairs of glasses. It doesn't sound like much, but it certainly meant a lot to Mama Rehema and Mama Juliana! Now able to see clearly and read their Bibles, they are two happy ladies and it was lovely to see!

Thoughts about eyes are running away with me at the moment.
Seeing clearly. Eyes to read and eyes to learn. Eyes to see. 
Blurred vision, damaged eyes, red eyes, smoke and witchcraft.
The blind will see.
... And with a handful of carrots, I think this may be another blog!

As well as bringing the two ladies back from Magozi, Tim also brought another woman, a male teacher and a student, all in the little red pickup with no suspension! And yes, you guessed it, they got a puncture!

New glasses for Mama Juliana (left) and Mama Rehema (right)
While in Magozi, Tim "helped" in the rice fields, threshing the rice, much to the amusement of the locals! Not much was happening in the stoves group, but Tim was able to talk to some members of the group about planning and increased production for a large agricultural fair close by in July.
Threshing the rice
Meanwhile, here in Iringa, the girls and I have been enjoying volcanoes, crystals, magnets and underground railroad stories. We worked hard last week and so will be able to go to Magozi this week for four days. While there we will do a little study of constellations (the night sky in Magozi is absolutely breathtaking)... but will we see the "drinking gourd" (Big Dipper)? And school then aside, we will be able to visit the gardens (experimenting with some natural pesticides to keep the "wadudu" away) and do some cooking and visiting!

Tim and the girls went to buy wood to fix the pigpen
after one little piggy got its head stuck trying to escape!

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