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Thursday, 30 August 2012

"Doctor" Tim and a Tanzanian Departure

Our last day in Iringa was rewardingly typically Tanzanian! We grow to love (in a way) these unexpected, random events that make us wonder how we ended up where we are!  This time Tim ended up in the maternity ward in Iringa Hospital in doctor's garb, being proudly introduced to staff and patients on the ward as the new doctor from Dar es Salaam! How, you may ask, when one is just expecting to be packing to leave the following day, does this happen? It all began at 8:15am while we were eating our breakfast, that we had a call to say that Ezekiel had arrived on the bus from Magozi and could we pick him up. So a little later, we were all in town, and there was his brother-in-law (although we didn't realise that at the time) whose wife (Ezekiel's sister) was in labour in the hospital. But we didn't realise it was labour at the time as pregnancy and labour is not public discussion here So all we knew was that she was sick. While we ran some errands in town, Ezekiel and Ndondole went to visit her and came back reporting that she was very, very ill (we thought she was dying and were suitably distressed and sympathetic) but 30 minutes later, Ezekiel received a phone call announcing that his sister has given birth to a baby girl! I guess in labour one does seem "very, very ill!"

"Doctor" Tim
We all went home for some chai (not sure at this point what anyone's plans were ... and how many would need food and lodging for the night). Later, after some lunch in the midst of clearing and packing up the contents of the house, another visit was made to the hospital to see the new baby. All were keen to see the new baby, but the nurse looked past the new father (we realised now that he was the father), the brother, Amisadai and Louisa, and turned to Tim saying "only you can come in!" And this was how Tim ended up in a doctor's coat introduced as the new doctor from Dar es Salaam. Tim protested to the nurse that he wasn't a doctor but was assured that didn't matter. He met the new mother, her firstborn and her mother. He became the official photographer. And then he left. The whole group then left the hospital, no others were allowed to enter, but were quite satisfied to see the photos! To finish the story, we were also asked to name this precious baby with an "English" name. As the safe delivery came at the end of a difficult pregnancy, we suggested "Joy" which was happily given. We pray this little girl will continue to be a source of joy to many as she grows up!

Baby Joy
Ezekiel left with us early the next morning for Dar, without meeting his new niece. But the new father was able to meet his daughter that same evening.

We arrived safely in Dar-es-Salaam, after a lovely stop in Morogoro with Matt and Amy, and after minor meetings with a bolting impala and then a guinea fowl in Mikumi Game Park! The guinea fowl ended up caught in the roof-rack and with it flapping and the bus behind us honking and flashing, we continued until we were out of the game park to pull over and investigate. The guinea fowl was almost if not completely dead and rather a sight on the roof of the car. But as we just looked at it wondering how to disentangle it, the bus behind pulled over and guys jumped out and ran over to climb up and remove it. They happily carried it back to the bus and continued on their way, lunch ready!
Guinea Fowl Prize
We then had five days in Dar-es-Salaam. We had medical check-ups done on Friday. We failed at the "synchronised pooing" at 11am! Later, Louisa did the most expensive poo at a whopping $45 US but that's another story!

We had a lovely last Sunday at Victory Christian Centre and a great time with the Nkone family, particularly as we went with them Monday-Tuesday to Kipepeo Beach.

And now, to finish this rather long account of our activities, we find ourselves in a rather wet and cold England. But happy and feeling very welcomed! Keith and Pat were at the airport with Tim's parents, with flowers and chocolate ice creams and pressies for the girls. And Tim's mum and dad have welcomed us into their house with lots of special treatment!

We are looking forward to catching up with lots of you in the area!
On British soil again!

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  1. Oh Rachel, you have a wonderful way with words. I am going to miss your posts. I have told several people about your butchering adventure, and about the lovely picture of your beautiful daughter happily roasting marshmallows while a beheaded pig rests on a platform behind her. That picture should be saved for her wedding reception! May your time in England be full of adventures of a different kind. I wonder if you will come to Canada? Thank you for sharing your life in Africa with all of us. I will eagerly await your next postings, whenever they might appear.

    Luella Meighen


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