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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tanzania, Here we Come!

This will have to be a quick blog, because we are in the midst of final packing and sorting! Boxing up all the things that just would not fit in, and labelling it in priority list for when someone wings our way! I never did get a hard guitar case, so if anyone hears of one going, please let me know as I'd love to get the guitar out as soon as we can! All that we could fit in, is now weighed and re-weighed and re-weighed again! Labelled with things like "needed in Dar," "needed in Morogoro," "must stay dry," and "can get wet!" Driving 9 hours in the rainy season, we will need to have the right bags on the roof ... not all the new school books! Two bikes are carefully packed up in a rather giant box and hand luggage is weighing a ton! But we are very pleased to be as ready as we are as we had rather an unexpected morning.

I decided to take Louisa to the doctor to check out this very strange rash on her feet. It started on Christmas Eve, and after mystifying two doctors in Canada, it still hasn't gone away, although has faded. But with her still being rather purple and itchy, I thought we should check it before submitting her to further altitude swelling and Dar heat. Two more doctors looked at it and admitted her to the day unit at the hospital for urine and blood tests! So the rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent there, which certainly wasn't on the plan for the day! Two more doctors looked at her, and although mystified as to what it might be, were not worried about kidney problems (which was the initial concern) and have prescribed cream (rather than blood tests) which we really hope will work. So please pray this rash heals quickly and gives us no reason for further concern! Thanks!

As I finish, we want to again thank so many of you for your friendship and support! We have so enjoyed seeing so many of you in the UK and Canada and are just sorry we couldn't do more! Please keep in touch with us while we are back in Tanzania - and we'll try to do more of the same! We already miss Canada, and are about to miss England, but we are very excited about being back in Tanzania! We fly from London at 7pm on Thursday, arriving in Dar es Salaam early on Friday morning. We will be with Pastor Huruma at VCC on Sunday and then drive to Morogoro on Monday. After some time with Matt and Amy Dixon, we will arrive home in Iringa on Tuesday. So until then .... kwa heri!

Goodbye, Canada!

Snow in England!

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  1. Travel Blessings from the Emmanuel International Mission Board!


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