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Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Pawaga Team Goes to Ikuka

One of those happy-sad times this morning! We went early to the bus stand to pick up Ezekiel, Mendriad (from Magozi) and Mama Anna (from Itunundu) who came into Iringa on the Pawaga bus. We all had a lovely time together having chai at Neema Crafts before sending them all on their way to Ikuka. They left on a dala-dala (local bus) and then finished their journey on the back of some motorbikes. They are going to join Jesca in Ikuka to help with the training week of the new stoves group which starts on Monday!

So we felt really sad missing out as we would love to go along with them! They are all so excited and keen and I'm sure will have a lot of fun together! But at the same, we are so happy that they can do this. Happy that Jesca is doing so well and able to take on this project... and she is overcoming obstacles already! Happy that we have such a good team of people that can do the job... and without us! Now starting the third project, it is wonderful to have Ezekiel and Mendriad, who started off in our first Magozi group, and also now Anna who just started with us in the Kimande-Itunundu group. So please keep these guys in your prayers next week as they start training a new group. They will be teaching how to make the stoves, how to run the business, teaching on healthy and efficient cooking and teamwork as well as leading Bible studies in the community. On Friday, they will facilitate a meeting for the new group to elect their own chairperson, treasurer and secretary.

Tim was in Ikuka yesterday. He went to help and encourage Jesca as she makes final preparations for the start of the project. He went laden with things like a mattress and haycookers, pots and mats... and some of the newly fired Kimande/Itunundu stoves for Jesca to demonstrate with. We will all go to Ikuka for the day on Wednesday to see how they are all getting on! But for the rest of the week, it's back to the Tudors and a fair bit of school catch-up for the girls and I! And trying to stay on top of the tooth fairy who is working overtime at the moment... as you will see by the photo on the girls' blog! And tomorrow we are celebrating 12 happy years of marriage! Ezekiel told us we should have a Christmas Cake?!

Chai at Neema with the Pawaga stoves team

Now see if you can spot the problem with this stove... we discovered it when we were loading the kiln in Kimande!
What is wrong with this picture?

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