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Saturday, 28 December 2013

A House for Christmas

It looks like we have a house! On Christmas Eve, our very kind friend, Dr. Macori visited three houses in Mwanza and then returned to one of them on Christmas Day with our other very kind friend, Bishop Charles. They think it's a good house for us, and we are now in the (slow) process of sending the money to them to secure it. We know that it has three bedrooms and we just found out that it is furnished ... beds, chairs, a table! As we don't have any furniture of our own, this is a great blessing! The church there in Mwanza is incredible; we heard that yesterday, they had a group of people at the house, cleaning and sorting it out for us! It makes such a difference making the drive to Mwanza knowing that we have a house at the other end ... and even one with beds in it! And knowing that people we don't even know are already preparing for our arrival is just amazing too!

Many of you have probably read Amisadai's blog all about our Christmas. We have been thinking so much of friends and family we miss over the Christmas season ... we are sorry that we haven't been able to communicate personally with many of you, but want to send our love and greetings all the same! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Happy Christmas! Thank you so much to those of you who sent cards and parcels!
I just wish you could see the excitement it causes! Thank you!
Christingles at the (English-Speaking) Christmas Carol Service

Christmas Eve puzzles (thanks, Dad!) with Andy and Angela before guests arrived
Christmas Day Lunch - roast duck and lots of British trimmings!

This Christmas, we were able to give Lucy a fantastic Christmas present! Thank you to many of you that have stayed with us here in Tanzania and been served by Lucy, and who generously gave towards this gift! Just before Christmas we bought an oven for Lucy and have installed it at Lucy's house so that she can continue to bake for a business after we have left. We are doing our best to get all aspects of the business handed over to Lucy at her home, aware that it will not be easy! But Lucy is keen and eager to make it work, so we hope that cinnamon buns and breadsticks and other things will stay on the Iringa market, and the business would continue to help Lucy and her children. Please pray for Lucy as she continues on her own, that orders would come in and Lucy would be able to meet them.

Lucy at home with her new oven!

Lucy baking for the Iringa Christmas Craft Fayre

Lucy's Jiko: Selling at the Fayre


  1. Great news about both the house and the cooker - a double blessing. You will be blessed by the Mwanza church and Lucy will be blessed by the cooker. God is so good.

  2. Great to hear. We were sure blessed by the church in Mwanza when we were there in the summer. Praying all the details get worked out and you are able to settle soon.

  3. Great news about the house. I don't know how you cope with it all!! Wishing you a great New Year & hope Amisadai had a great birthday. Love from Gaenor, Gerry, Amy & Christopher xxxx.


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