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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Lake Adventures ... it's Fun Finding Out!

We have been having plenty of fun finding out recently. With my parents here for a visit, we have been exploring our new territory. Last night we went to follow the sunset, exploring around the lake, at one point ending up on a narrow, rough and bumpy road which suddenly took on rollercoaster proportions as we summited and plummeted and then had to figure out how to turn around when the road ended. A kind man opened his gates so that we could turn around in his driveway; as I chatted to him while Tim manoeuvred, he mentioned it was good to be careful, as a couple of guys had recently reversed over the edge! Down on flatter ground we enjoyed the amazing scenery we have at the Lake here! Earlier in the day, to the girls great delight, we also found and enjoyed a swimming pool in beautiful surroundings!


First attempt at a family photo ...a wave came!
Second attempt!
We have been making further forays into the “downtown area,” hunting unsuccessfully for things like toilet seats and hooks, but doing well for curtain shopping in narrow allies of vitenge (beautiful traditional Tanzanian material) shops. We managed to find a hospital lab (albeit expensive compared to Iringa) and an unconnected pharmacy (better that way as you don’t want the lab giving results that benefit their own pharmacy!) when the need arose to get Louisa treated for her UTI. All good and useful things to find out! We still have yet to get used to the big and busy market, but we are finding where to get the best eggs, the cheapest pineapples and now have Mama Jackie by the lake at the fish market to buy our fresh fish from!

At the fish market

Mama Jackie


We have been meeting up with some wonderful people here in Mwanza. We had the most amazing lunch (which included curry-fried Nile Perch) with Mama Minja. We went with her to see how the orphans nursery school which she runs is going. It was great to return to see how the work is progressing (we visited Mama Minja and the school when we here in Mwanza in 2011). She is an incredible lady with a heart of compassion and determination to help others! I will tell more of her story later …

Walking back from the Orphan's School with Mama Minja

We had another fabulous lunch at a restaurant run by Godwin, a young man in the church here. He also has an incredible story which I will save for a later time! But I will say here that he served us some amazing pork and fries. They call pork "kiti moto" here in Tanzania, which literally in Swahili means "hot seat."  Apparently this means that Muslims can eat pork surreptitiously and get away with it by saying they are eating hot seats without mentioning the "p" word! Or so we have been told! Godwin told us about one of his plans to get a thousand pigs and start a business (yes, my ears perked up … a thousand pigs!)

Pork and Fries with Godwin

Playing pool with Godwin

On Friday night we had our good friend, Dr Makori and his friend, Naha round for a meal. We wanted to thank him for all his help in getting us set up here in Mwanza. He is another incredible person, a doctor with a big heart and a very big vision! His is yet another story … and I’m going to have to set aside some time to tell all these stories that are piling up!

With Dr Makori and Naha

The girls are enjoying having their grandparents here! We have been doing school together – which has included making a space model. They have been playing plenty of games and watched "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." Papa and Mama have been frequenting the “restaurant” that the girls have opened here and Mama has cut the girls hair. Mom has also been busy making curtains for various rooms and happily bought some bleach and got busy in the bathrooms!

Playing Pairs in Pears

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