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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Bent Back, Reshaped, New Parts

We have good news! Finally, over a month after the accident, we have our vehicle back! It has dragged on and on for so long, for various reasons, and really we shouldn't even have it yet as the police still have the documents that the insurance company normally expect before they proceed. But we know the Managing Director of the company (he's in Pastor Huruma Nkone's church in Dar), and through chats with him, he was able to get us through!

There is sadness looking at the straightened, polished, painted bonnet and the bull bars bent back into place. It all looks like nothing ever happened; a new windshield and new lights, no sign of a car bent back through the force of a boy. How easy to erase all signs and evidence of that terrible day, but all the while knowing things will not be so easily bent back into shape for the family of that boy. But we pray that the Great Mechanic will be at work in their lives, bending and reshaping, giving new parts. And somehow in all that has happened, in our own bending back and reshaping, we hope that we will run much better now.

Now we are just left waiting for the Bunda police to close the case and give back Tim's driving license and the papers. We don't think that here is any reason that Tim should go to court. We have been told just to be patient. So thank you so much for your prayers... pray that we could be patient, but also that it could all be resolved as quickly and simply as possible!


  1. We're happy that this part of the ordeal is over - but continue to pray for all the other things that remain bent out of shape,

  2. Great news. May The Lord continue to work out all his purposes through this whole situation.

  3. What a journey you have had. Still praying for you all and the family who lost their son. May the Comforter continue to comfort the family and all of you too. Much love. Grace.xxx


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