We live in Mwanza, Tanzania, serving with Emmanuel International helping local churches in physical and spiritual ministry.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Mongers in Langley

We are all safe and healthy together in Canada! And it is such a happy relief!

There were times it all looked rather doubtful! For the two days before we flew, the girls and I were terribly sick, making packing up difficult and the thought of travelling horrendous! But thankfully although on empty stomachs and feeling a little wobbly, we were able to go! And thankfully we got stronger and better as we went.

The happy reunion looked doubtful once again as we sat in a car at a standstill in Dar es Salam traffic watching the time pass our check-in time and then our boarding time. We ran through the airport, even barefoot and bag-less from the X-ray machine, to be told the gate was closed and we had missed our flight to Nairobi. I pleaded ... we had far too many connections to contemplate the thought of missing this flight ... and the woman on duty took pity. We put our shoes quickly back on, grabbed our bags and ran straight onto the plane and took off five minutes after sitting down!

And so after 50 hours of travel, 5 planes and 6 airports later, we landed minus one bag, but with a husband/daddy in Vancouver. Happy relief!

After the rather eventful month we have had, we are taking some time now just to rest and have time together as a family with my parents and my sister and her family! And we are enjoying the different foods (a full cooked breakfast, apples and cheesecake) and the luxuries of water and electricity (hot baths, lights in the evening and an amazing machine that actually washes the dishes!) And after our mid-30 temperatures in Mwanza, we are finding it just a little chilly!

But coming up ... we have a great opportunity to meet with our friends and supporters in the area! And we are really looking forward to this time to see many of you!

Monger Open House
What's Cookin' in Tanzania?
Friday, April 10th at 7pm
The Ark, The King's Centre
21783 76B Ave
Langley, B.C.
For directions see the website www.tkc.com
We really appreciate all the support and encouragement we have received and are looking forward to this opportunity to thank many of you in person and to share with you more about what we are doing in Tanzania. We want to welcome all our friends in the area and anyone who would just like to find out more about the work in Tanzania. We will have time to mingle and chat, a time of sharing about the work we are doing there and time for questions and feedback from you!
Karibuni Sana! (You are very welcome!)

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  1. Phew. So relieved to hear you are all back to good health! Thank God for his goodness! x Linda


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