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Monday, 15 June 2015

What's Cookin' in the UK?

For those of you in the UK, don't forget that we'd love to see you this Saturday! Starting at 5pm, you are welcome to the Sarum Hill Centre in Basingstoke for tea and cake. We want to thank those of you who are supporting us in different ways and also invite anyone who is interested to find out more about what we are doing in Tanzania.

As well as time to visit and chat, we will take some time to share some stories, speaking about the work we are doing. Amisadai and Louisa will also share a bit and have a "Watoto" (kids) table with some short videos and colouring/activities.

Karibuni Sana! (You are very welcome!)

A collage of our varied life and work in Tanzania!
It is hard to believe that we are over halfway through our time here in the UK. It has been good to catch up with many of you... although not so many as we would like! It has been very good to be with family, particularly time together with Tim's parents and brother and family on the Isle of Wight. While good to be together, it was a very rough time health-wise for Tim's Dad. But he has thankfully improved a lot since then, as his blood count climbs and his strength returns. We have also enjoyed being back with Tadley Community Church and the girls have loved being part of Aldermaston Primary School again. We have all enjoyed the great variety of food; the chilly weather less so!
Cousins enjoy being together at the Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight
Girls speaking in North Community Church
We have been able to speak in both Tadley and North Community Church, Basingstoke; we've taken some classes and assemblies at the school, celebrated International Albinism Day, and the girls and I are planning a Sunday School for this Sunday. We've shared some lovely meals and chats with people. We've even made maandazi (Tanzanian donuts) a couple of times, although after the first deep fry session in the kitchen, I was consequently banished to the garage for future cooking!
Banished to cook in the garage!

Mini Maandazi for Year 4 and North Church!
We've booked in all those appointments for doctors, optometrists, dentists, travel nurses etc... and have a shopping list to work on. Amisadai is taking advantage of being reunited with her violin teacher again, and both girls are enjoying the local library. Tim and I are making the most of the time here to do some research into project work and reading up on relevant material. So fitting all this in between the school runs (which takes almost 2 hours each day!) and talk and slideshow preparations doesn't exactly make it a holiday, but with the odd coffee out it is definitely a change from our rather different Tanzanian life!

The differences in the two lives sometimes seem rather silently stark. And how that works out in daily life and even conversation is not always easy! Sometimes I feel I can't even begin to enter a conversation; it feels like points of contact and context have been blown away. I still haven't been able to walk into a clothes shop in the UK. How weird is that? I have been able to do the supermarket, but I wander about illogically and it takes me three times longer than it should. Am I strange or do I just feel strange? My priorities are different and it's strange being back to where I was, when they are not where they were. Time and money. Concepts of which are forever affected.

I better stop here, before Tim accuses me once again of "over-analysing" and you all think me rather abnormal. Inner turmoil aside, it is good to be back for while!

Ice Cream Treats in the New Forest! Whippy flakes with toppings!

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