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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Random Cookin'

I started this blog sitting peacefully with a coffee at a hotel in town. After the chaos of recent weeks, I was attempting to sort my head out. Beside me was my new notebook from Mum... which suddenly seemed incredibly apt!

There is a lot going on at the moment! Does anyone else get that feeling of imminent brain explosion if one doesn't quickly start transferring things to writing in the form of lists? The sweet relief of no longer needing to hold it all in the brain! So, here are a few random updates from my rather random brain.

Tim, after getting all the final exams and papers from his Bible College course marked, is now in Malya for two days with the beekeepers ...and as I had to drop out at the last minute, he is also leading the Mamas Group! I wrote him copious notes and instructions and believe it or not, he has been making soaps and body balms with the ladies! What a guy! They had a laugh though, as in my hurry writing the lists, I accidently switched the word "nanasi" for "nazi"and so said to use pineapple oil instead of coconut oil! Tim will update on what's cookin' in Malya soon!

Meanwhile, there is much to do here with lots of women's group work, a state of a house to order somewhat before our guests arrive tomorrow, a ridiculous number of extracurricular activities and practices for the girls hitting the fan at once and a badly-timed but delicious glut of mangos, to list but a few.

Upendo wa Mama

The Upendo wa Mama group had a busy but good week. It was a mad catch-up right to the last minute, after missing several weeks, to get all their products ready to sell at the Charity Fair on Saturday. It was a proud moment for them to see everything in its finished state on display, and then much admired and purchased! Orders have since been coming in and a local shop even asked the mamas for wholesale! They had to say they weren't quite there yet! But the owner loved them enough to request a variety to sell and we'll see where that leads!

(On that note ... if anyone has any packaging and marketing skills or advice they would be happy to share, please get in touch!)

So needless to say, it's a hive of activity right now! As well as dividing out some profit dividends, the women are now looking at purchasing group sewing machines and an oven so that different skills can be learned and put to good use! They were all so delighted to receive gifts from ladies in The King's Community Church, Langley this week to help them get started in their sewing! We hope to start renovating a garage into a workshop ... it will happen! The mamas are also buying seeds and looking forward to starting a bit of a garden. Digging commences on Saturday. It's all on the lists. No panic!

Mama Rose and Mama Laurensia ready to sell at the Isamilo School Fair
Soaps, Ginger Biscuits and Cards
Candles, Lip Balms and Body Balms
Mamas were so delighted to receive these gifts from the church in Langley!
... now let's get sewin'!

Wonderful Church!

On Sunday, we were up early, (although still arrived rather late at 7:20am!) for the first service at Victory Life Church in Mkuyuni with Bishop Charles. While Amisadai was in Nairobi undergoing all the medical tests, this wonderful church prayed earnestly for her, fasting for three days! It was fantastic for her to stand before them, giving her testimony of thanks to God for their answered prayers! We are so thankful to them for all for their prayers for Amisadai, for their love shown to us. We truly are so very privileged to live among such amazing brothers and sisters!

With our good friend, Bishop Charles

Where is the Rain?

This time last year, we were struggling with the torrential rains and flooding. This year, things are very different, with hardly a rain to start the season. We are really praying for rain. Many farmers have not even planted yet because of the dry conditions, but if crops are not planted in the next few weeks, they may not get a harvest. Tim has been out with Esther to the farms in the new area near Sengerema. It has been a uphill battle for Esther and these ten farmers! Starting the new project is tough as these people are living in rural and poor conditions, unsure and reticent to adopt new ideas. But we are encouraged that one by one, a few are starting to take on board the new agricultural concepts.

On Friday, Tim was with Pastor Tito Samwel, whose church we are working through. As well as spending time with him and his lovely wife, they enjoyed visiting Shadrach, one member who is doing well with his farm ... just wondering where the rain is.

With Shadrach (L) at his home with Esther (R) and Pastor Tito Samwel and his wife

Pastor Tito Samwel and his wife at their home

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