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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Beauty Emerging in Colour. Pattern of Creative Design

It was Mother's Love in colour today! The Mamas Group met with Rose, a friend of mine, to learn how to make batiks. Well, I thought we were meeting to learn how to make beeswax batiks, but actually we did African Tie-Dye! But it was colourful and fun and beautiful just the same!

Fantastic patterns and colours!

A morning in colour and pattern. We watched fascinated, to see the colours and patterns that emerged in all their beauty on the once-plain sheets of material.

Something plain and void of design was twisted and squeezed, bound and wrapped. Each one bound differently, but tightly.


And then out from the water coloured, is drawn something new! Something designed, something planned. Bold and beautiful, its colours and pattern showcasing the creativity of an artist.

As each work of art was gently unbound and unwrapped, slowly, its beauty emerged. And then seen whole, it was held up in delight. The smiles said it all. Each one unique. Made with design, made for purpose. Beautiful.

It spoke more of simply fabrics and dye.

It speaks of these women. It speaks of people everywhere.

Folding the fabrics

Tied and bound

Cut free!

Emerging beauty!

In designed wholeness and colourful beauty! Joy!


  1. Wow! Some of those patterns are so striking and they are all beautiful. Amazing how so much beauty can spring forth from something so simple.
    Like the precious ladies who made them; bound in different ways but each one a work of great beauty in his hands. Xx


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