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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Bhatendi Joins EI Mwanza!

Some exciting news from Emmanuel International Mwanza...We have a new team member!

Her name is Bhatendi Mwandandila.

The past few weeks have not been altogether easy for various reasons. One reason was the departure of John, our Beekeeping Trainer and Agricultural worker. It was a disappointing shock to the whole team when he decided to move on to take up a new agricultural job with the government in another town. And so we have been looking for a replacement. Today Bhatendi came for an interview with Tim, Peter and Pastor Zakayo and we are so delighted now to welcome her to the team. She comes from Mbeya and has graduated with an Education Degree from St. Augustine University here in Mwanza. She is a member of BMCC (the church Elisha also attends) and comes highly recommended by Pastor Mbuke!

Her role will include working on the beekeeping projects. She will work alongside the existing groups in Kayenze and Malya and a big job for her will emerge as we start the new Beekeepers group this spring in Ngudu. So you see she is brave! Later in the spring (hopefully before we harvest this season's honey) we are planning to build and launch our Honey Processing Centre and so she will have much to do helping with that.

She will also be working with Peter and Elisha on the conservation agricultural projects. They are currently working in seven villages (Chabakima, Igumumoyo, three Kayenze villages, Nyamililio, and Kisesa) with numerous groups. So she will have plenty to keep her busy!

And now as I go to post words only, I realise with Laura and Bhatendi joining us, we really must have a new EI Mwanza Team Photo taken!

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  1. Fantastic News! Praise God for Bhatend Mwandandila! May God bless her and all the beekeeping and agriculture work. x


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