We live in Mwanza, Tanzania, serving with Emmanuel International helping local churches in physical and spiritual ministry.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Fridges, dogs and washing machines

It's a dog! Yes, many of you who know us will have a good laugh! None of you would ever believe that we would ever get a dog. Neither Tim or I (or our parents and grandparents before us!) have ever had or wanted a dog! But Amisadai did pray for one and it seems her prayers are answered! We have just heard from Andrew and Miriam Wingfield (who head up the Emmanuel International work in Tanzania) that a dog in need of a loving family is waiting for us! We have no idea what kind of dog, or what name he/she has, but have been told it looks much like a lion ... but assuredly isn't! More on this in future blogs! Less interesting, but none the less very good news is that Andrew this week found us a fridge and a washing machine in Dar-es-Salaam! I wasn't expecting to get a washing machine, so this is quite exciting! We are really looking forward to living near this wonderful family who are doing so much to help us even before we arrive!
Andrew and Miriam with Ben and Sam

This weekend we have had my aunts, Alison and Philippa and my Grandpa staying with us! It has been great to have them to visit! Auntie Philly has kindly offered to store a lot of our things for us ... so I have now emptied three cupboards of glassware, china and plates/platters and boxed it up and sent it with her! While it feels like I've now made a start, the packing up process does seem very daunting now!

Now this evening the four of us are looking forward to going to TASTE, to get together with lots of Tadley young people and tell them a bit about what we are going to be doing in Tanzania and encourage them to look for what adventures God has for them!

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