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Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I am doing some imagining! I have been reading news from Andy and Angela Sharpe in Tanzania. We will be working with these lovely people in Iringa. They moved from Sussex in February and now give us news of settling in to African life! It has me imagining what life will be like for us in 3 months time!

The dry season has now started and they are not expecting to see rain again until November. Everything will be so dry when we get there in September! And hot ... it is stretching my imagination to feel hot at the moment!

And now as I write my shopping list for Tesco tomorrow, I am imagining my shopping in Iringa! Angela writes that some new shops have just opened - grandly called "trolley shops" as they actually have shopping trolleys (carts)! She thinks this is slightly over the top as the shop is no bigger than their bedroom! She usually gets word from a friend that a pig or some chickens are being slaughtered and is asked if she would like some. A big chunk then arrives in a plastic bag. I can imagine this as long as I'm not responsible for beheading chickens ... But now thinking about pigs and pork, I'm thinking that maybe our homeschooling novel study on Charlotte's Web isn't such a great idea! Milk comes from a cow a few houses away. I can imagine our metal milk churn arriving with milk ready to be boiled and cooled ready for our morning cornflakes! Or maybe we get our own cow?

It's all very hard to imagine really!

Here's a photo of Iringa ... now you have about as much to go on as I do in your own imaginings!

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