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Monday, 30 August 2010

Up the Spout and Cavalcades!

The house is very nearly completely empty! The bags are either bursting their seams or breaking the weight limit! And we have lots of people to thank for looking after the girls, storing bags, fixing things, tipping things, cleaning things..... Thanks so much all of you who have helped! It has not been an easy week trying to get it all done with the plumbing going up the spout and our broadband getting prematurely cut! But thanks to Tula next door, we were able to use both a toilet and a computer in the midst of the chaos! We are now living with Tim's Mum and Dad who are very generously accommodating the four of us and also a very massive load of "stuff"!! (There was an awful lot that didn't fit in the bags!) Mum and Dad are basically helping us in every way to get out of our house and then out of this country by next Tuesday - no easy feat!

We have sold our car now! We are still trying to find tenants for our house, really hoping we can get a family in very soon. We are booked in to start Swahili school (a 25 minute walk from our house) soon after we arrive! The course is Mon-Fri from 8am-1pm for eight weeks. Tim is going to go full-time, I will do 2 days a week so has to be able to teach the girls at home at least 3 days a week!

We had a wonderful two days with Tim's parents in London last week. The girls were able to see all the sights of the capital for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it! We also had a farewell party with the Monger clan on Sunday and it was great to see so many family members before we go!

This Sunday is our commisioning and farewell with Tadley Community Church. It is at the Community Centre at 10:30am and you are all welcome to come! There will be a lunch following! And then we fly out on the Tuesday evening at 7:20pm. Please let us know if you are able to help take one of us and a bag or two to the airport as we need a bit of a cavalcade with our 16 bags! We will be leaving around 2pm I think!

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