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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Detour Days

I went shopping after my language lesson this afternoon and realized how quickly I had forgotten what it is like to shop in England or Canada. I needed some photocopying done and so went to my usual lady who does copying. Her machine was broken, so I went down the road and found another copier. We were doing fine, but halfway through he ran out of paper! I’ll go back and do the rest another day. Tim had ordered some new sunglasses (to replace the UK glasses which met a sorry end at the bottom of a pit!). He went to pick them up today. They look good, but they were not very darkly tinted for sunglasses. Apparently the power had gone off and the man explained that the “tinting machine” could only do so much on the limited power of the generator he had for such times! Maybe Tim can go back when the power is on and have them tinted a bit more!
I came home from shopping to see if the power was back on. It had gone off just after putting the clothes in the machine, which was rather unfortunate as we need to get the laundry done before I can pack for the trip! I was surprised and pleased to find it had come back on, however no sooner was the machine back on, the water stopped! But at least now with power, I was able to do the baking for supplies for the journey. But would you believe it, before the banana loaf was baked, the power went back off. So I have just now cut the outside pieces off to take with us! Some days just never seem to go straight forward!
We are hoping to have a straight-forward trip to Malawi – no detours! We leave on Thursday and will be returning on the 28th or 29th March. Please pray for safety on the long journey there and back, and that we would learn a lot during our time with the Malawi team!

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