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Monday, 14 March 2011

More on Magozi

We had a good day yesterday - we went to be with the church in Magozi.We left home with the Wingfileds at 8am and got there in time for the 10am service. It was really good to finally meet with the people there! It was also good as they had a Sunday School (which is unusual here) and so the girls were able to go outside with the other children. They didn’t understand the lesson, and were rather shy to join in at first! But they enjoyed the actions for the singing and really enjoyed playing "paka paka panya" ("cat cat mouse" or "duck duck goose" as we call it!) We had our stove with us and at the end of the service, they asked us to talk about it. Andrew did a great job telling them all about the stove, and they all seemed very interested in the possibility of doing the project in the village. There were lots of questions which was really encouraging! We were invited to stay and share a meal with the pastor and a few others. And on this trip to Magozi we had no incidents in the “holes” The girls do find it tricky going to the toilet and this week in the village, Tim took Louisa to the hole and as he bent down to help her, his good prescription sunglasses fell in. Oh dear! They tried fishing them out (Yuck!) – they had stuck on the way down on a little ledge, but trying to hook them back, they knocked them to the bottom. And to finish off that day, they broke down again on the way home and were stuck for a while in the middle of nowhere!

Tim was back in Magozi again today, going to meet with the potters to dig for the clay they use. He arrived home rather smelly and went straight in the shower! He and Andrew had been trekking though water waist deep in rivers and rice fields looking for clay! He took off his socks and shoes but his trousers were a state! And he’s come back with some rash on his shoulder/neck which I guess could be bites or possibly heat rash? I'll look later! And Andrew with a gash on his toe. Quite the day, but they got the clay!

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