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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Eroded gorges and clutches

Today we explored an eroded valley, a once-upon-a-time lake bed, filled with ancient bones, skeletons and stone-age tools. We walked down through a gorge, the hot sun beating down on the dry, dusty ground and then found ourselves in the shelter of huge, natural columns towering over us. Walking low in the echoing stillness of the rocks and cliffs, we were in the coolness of their shade. The girls ran excitedly looking for "caves" in which to hide, and we saw a fresh meaning to being "in the cleft of the rock"! Each eroded column was as spectacular as the last, and we wondered which would be the next to fall.

We went exporing with Tim's parents and also Laura and her two friends visiting from Canada. The three Canadians were (rather unfortunately for them) loaded in the back of the land cruiser and had more than their share of bumped heads on the bumpy road. After exploring the gorge, things went rather downhill on the way home as the clutch bit the dust ... yet another problem to add to our car saga of starting problems, electrical faults, doors flying open, doors not closing.....! We were stuck 15km from Iringa on the side of the road unable to get in any gear to get home. We texted some SOS's to kind friends and Brad came to the rescue and towed us all the way home with his Nissan Patrol! Thanks, Brad!

Tomorrow we are off to Ruaha National Park (thanks to Andy and Angela who are lending us their Nissan Patrol .. more kind friends!) Amisadai is hoping we find a lion and Louisa is hoping we certainly don't! We are pretty sure we will, but are just convincing Louisa it won't eat us!

But before we go, we have to know, will the Canucks win??? Go Vancouver Canucks Go!

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  1. Riot police in Vancouver used tear gas to quell violence that broke out after the Vancouver Canucks lost the final game of the Stanley Cup. Cars were set on fire and shops were looted following the ice hockey team's 4-0 defeat to the Boston Bruins.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...


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