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Friday, 30 September 2011

An Anniversary in Africa and a Swahili Sketch

Our "stable"
Ten years ago were married in B.C. Canada. Here we are three countries and two children later, celebrating in a lovely banda at a place called Kisolanza, not far out of Iringa. Walking in the African sunset, enjoying a lovely meal out! Fantastic! Tim and I enjoyed a lovely night away while Brad and Neroli Galvin very kindly looked after the girls who had a marvellous time with their three girls. It was the first time we have been by ourselves even for a few hours in well over a year and it was great!

Dinner in the "Mud Ruins Restaurant"

It was strange jumping straight from Magozi one day to Kisolanza the next day. Going from our rice and tomato diet to a three-course meal, from wearing a grubby khanga to cream trousers, from sweating working in the heat, to actually getting goosebumps sitting still in the cool shade!

We had other celebrations in the village before our anniversary celebration. We celebrated the firing of the first stoves! We sang "Asante Mungu," ate a jiko cake and watched a slideshow of all that we have done together as a group so far. It was encouraging!

It was good to remember this time during the other more frustrating times. There are still clay problems and there is frustration in the group with this as well. There is the frustration of waiting for the group to take iniative, to move more quickly making stoves now before the rice planting starts. There was frustration this time in the language and cultural barriers as I tried to work with two ladies to rehearse a sketch and work out how they would teach the students at the school. Misunderstandings and delays, total confusion sometimes. But then, after thinking this sketch idea was a complete disaster and we were about to go back to Iringa, the ladies got it together, they had the group laughing as they cooked and acted. They then started teaching the things we had taught them on healthy and efficient cooking, and then all the group shared the food together and it felt like it hadn't all been a waste of time after all. 
Drama Practice

Enjoying the food together

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