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Monday, 8 October 2012

Crowning the Year: Harvest Thanksgiving

Here we are in autumnal England in the midst of various Harvest Celebrations and today celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving with a delicious pumpkin pie. And I am thinking of the July harvest in Tanzania. In all three countries, England, Canada and Tanzania, people give thanks for another year of food, a bountiful harvest. In villages in Tanzania, there is no pumpkin pie or turkey dinner, no baskets of apples or hampers of vegetables but people take a portion of their harvest to the front of the church and lay it down in sacrificial gratitude. This annual crowning of the year is such a good reminder to all of us to give thanks for all that we have. A reminder to give from what we have been given to help each other. God has blessed us and we are blessed to be a blessing! Wise words were spoken to me years ago ... "many people want to know how to become rich but the secret is to become thankful, because then you are already rich."

Living in Magozi, people had very little, but people were grateful and content and I found, despite my grumbles from time to time, I too found it easier to be content. But now, suddenly surrounded by so much, I realise how much harder it is in the west to be content! Attracted by so many things to buy in order to make things easier, more comfortable, or look better ... I almost think I "need" them! How much we have but really, how little we need.

Giving Thanks for Family!
Celebrating Great Granny's 101st Birthday

Grandad's Birthday with the cousins

Celebrating Great Grandad's 90th Birthday

Fun with Grandparents

Roman Chester Explorations with Great Grandpa
 "Give us today our daily bread ..." Appreciate the little things like a loaf of bread, a plate of rice, a glass of water. Living in the village, we have learnt to appreciate these things so much more. There are many people who will never take these things for granted. Yet all of us, wherever we are, and with whatever we have, can give thanks to our God who knows our every need and "crowns the year with His bounty." (Ps. 65)

Finally, have a look here to see what is involved in the harvesting of rice in Magozi!

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