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Friday, 29 March 2013

Scaling the Crags

The Easter Story. "Here we are offered that which makes and remakes the world, oursleves included. Here, could we but scale the crags, is the answer to our deepest questions, our most agonizing longings. And it comes, not as theory, not as explanation, but as a story which opens up to embrace or perhaps engulf us, sweeping us off our feet like a giant wave, carrying us off, out of our depth, away on the dark sea of God's passion. And still the figure at the centre beckons, woos, disturbs, frightens, and compels us. This story contains all that we are and feel and lays it bare before the presence of an overmastering love." ("Twelve Months of Sundays Year A" NT Wright).

A world is being remade. And me too! If you haven't read the story, get a copy (it's in Matthew 26-28) and see if you don't want to scale the crags as well!

Sometimes, when feeling out of my depth it's easy to think I'm on my own. And then what is my response? Well, last week I thought of hibernating. Really, sometimes the idea of curling up in a comfortable, cosy place and not thinking or worrying about anything seems very attractive. Not to worry about next term's school plans, or worry about my awful Swahili, or the nightguards, or even what to make for dinner. But then that doesn't seem much like scaling the crags. Which way do I want to go? Really I want to be out on that sea of God's passion, seeing the world remade. Oh yes, it sounds very exciting, but really, I want it to be easy too. But it won't be. And how prepared am I for that?

Even all the little things this month have been tempting me into hibernate mode. Tim seems to have been away more than he's been around, he's got a tooth infection and is needing repeated trips to Dar. We've had tummy bugs, colds and throat bugs. Louisa's vision went peculiar, and her dilated pupils were worrrying us so she went rather suddenly to Dar to get it checked out. We've had little problems with rats and problems with guards ... all nothing serious, but just little things which have made me more reactive and less proactive. Just getting by rather than getting going.

Palm Sunday was a good reminder to keep walking, to keep waving, to follow the way. And yes, Jesus knew back then, and he has told us, where this Way leads. But that's ok. He loves us with that overmastering love and He will be with us. Now, Easter is another vivid reminder that God is at work, making all things new. "As that stone rolled away, a great door has swung open in human history." Why would we hibernate in doubt and weakness, when there is a King on the throne and a whole new world to explore with crags to scale.

To follow up on this blog ... Tim and Louisa have just arrived safely back from Dar. We've just shared some delicious hot cross buns that Amisadai and I made for their arrival on this Good Friday! And praise God, Louisa's eyes are fine. She stopped having the funny spells just after our prayer email went out! And the doctor couldn't find anything wrong , so thanks to all of you who were praying! Keep praying for Tim. Although it has lessened, the infection is still there, so the dentist couldn't do his job and has asked him to go back again in 2 weeks.
Louisa at the eye doctors

Fun riding in a bajaj!

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