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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Baptism in the Indian Ocean

We were so delighted and proud to see Amisadai get baptised on Sunday! We have put some of the photos together in a short video for those of you who would have liked to be there for it! Thanks so much for the messages and prayers - it was very special!

Amisadai Faith Monger Baptism from Rachel Monger on Vimeo.

We had an amazing weekend in Dar es Salaam. We arrived very late on Friday night. On Saturday, Tim's dad was teaching at the Bible School and in the afternoon we enjoyed some fun in the pool! We were up before sunrise on Sunday and set off at 6am to the beach for Amisadai's baptism in the Indian Ocean. We all sang Amazing Grace in the early morning sun, Amisadai shared why she wanted to be baptised (read below), Pastor Huruma gave a short message and a few of us shared some things for Amisadai. Then it was into the waves with Grandad and Uncle Huruma! It was lovely to see Amisadai take this big step as she follows God in her own walk with Him.

Click here to read what Amisadai shared.

After a quick change, we arrived late at the 7am first service in which Tim's Dad was preaching. That was followed by chai and then the 10am service. It was great to be back with Victory Christian Church (VCC) again; they have been such a great support to us!

After the services, we were treated by VCC to the most incredible, amazing lunch with the Nkone family! It was such a treat, and such a good time all together! We were 21 stories high and yes, the LONG lift was pretty exciting for the girls! The experience was comparable to Buddy's in Elf, but although the comment was made to press all the buttons like a Christmas tree, we didn't! We stepped out of the lift to a view from heaven! Surrounded by windows in a revolving restaurant! Wow!

Only in Africa would you find an open window at waist height on the 21st floor!
And yes ... we had to tell Louisa to get down from the window sill!
This photo was taken leaning out of the open window on the 21st floor ... don't show my mom!


Louisa with Joan and Marion

Beautifully presented!
Delicious! Pickled Octopus


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Made me cry. blessings. Well done Amisadai for taking this step on your journey with Jesus. Great to be able to see your baptism and share this joy with you. Love and many blessings. Grace.xxx


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