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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Mongers England Bound

This is the last blog post I am planning to write for a while ...

On Friday we are all flying back (via Dar es Salaam and Addis Ababa) to the UK for a month. Tim's dad is very poorly now with brain cancer and we are thankful we are able to go back and be with him and Mum at this difficult time. And thankful to all our amazing supportive friends who have made this possible. Our reason for going back is to be with Dad and help Mum and the family in caring for him. It has been getting increasingly difficult for Mum, especially as he has had numerous falls recently which has necessitated calling the ambulance, all of which has actually put him in hospital for a few days now. We are not planning much beyond just being with them, so please understand if we don't get a chance to see many of you in the UK while we are back!

We are however hoping to plan a relaxed and social Open House type of evening (TBA), where we can catch up with friends and we also hope to be with Tadley Community Church on Easter Sunday. It won't be a "busy" time back for us, but it will be emotionally tiring and probably unpredictable so we are not committing to very much! But that said, please don't avoid us! We (the girls included) appreciate and need your love and support as we are all rather tired and feeling rather sad as well.

It is really hot here in Mwanza now ... and as we melt here, it is hard to imagine being cold again! Tim is rather looking forward to the cooler weather, but I can't find my one pair of long jeans (I am really hoping that I left them in England) and am not sure that my threadbare third-hand summer skirts are going to do the trick. And I rather think my toes might freeze in my flip flops! So if you are in England and see me looking blue or peculiar with mismatched layers, that's why! The girls meanwhile are looking forward to apples and cheese and some of those corner yogurts ... and are hoping to find some furry boots in a charity shop!

It all seems to be happening rather quickly. But we are aware that the timing is right and feel so thankful to be able to go now. Peter is recovering at his family home near the Uganda border but Esther will be carrying on with project work in our absences. Although she will be rather busy ... the exciting news from Esther is that she is engaged to be married and the wedding will be not long after we return to Tanzania!

We have been so lovingly and caringly sent on our way to England by people here. The beekeeper groups have both prayed earnestly for us and Tim's Dad as we go. The Upendo wa Mamas group also spoke and prayed for us on Saturday morning with such love and kindness. This evening we shared a meal with friends who will keep an eye on our house for us and Bishop Charles came with a number of others from the church in Mkuyuni and they encouraged us, prayed with us and gave us a generous gift from the church. We are so thankful for these friends and their love towards us. It is truly amazing! We are surrounded by love that comes from the source of all love and it is life-giving and encouraging!

With Mum and Dad when they were last with us here in Tanzania

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  1. My heart goes out to you Rachel. I've just lost a father-in-law to cancer. My husband flew hastily back to be with his dad at the start of February and by the end of February he was flying back again for his funeral. It's an emotional and exhausting time, even if you aren't flying yourselves. Please do take time to look after yourselves. But as you testify, we knew that we were surrounded by love and care and prayers from near and far, and that was very special.


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