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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Wandering through the Wilderness

We felt a little like we were wandering through the wilderness. We had forgotten the toilet paper. We had driven the dirt road. We had driven the beaten track. The track got smaller and smaller as the bush and trees got denser and denser. When we could drive no further, we continued on foot. We walked through dry riverbeds and out into scrubland wilderness. We trekked on, the four of us following our host, Credo (from the beekeeping group) along with Pastor Lubana and three mamas. Through the bush they carried boxes of soda and water, protective bee-gear, corregated tin for a hive roof and two plastic chairs.

After some time trekking, we came across Credo's father, Baba Tanda, who greeted us so enthusiastically and excitedly led us on. We were not sure where we were going or exactly what we were doing. We had thought we were simply paying a short visit to his hives, but clearly it wasn't as simple as that! We walked for maybe an hour. And then there it was; it was like spying the promised land!

This energetic Baba Tanda with the infectious laugh, had carved an oasis out in the scrubland! When he heard we were coming, he had cleared a square of the land and built wooden benches around. In the middle of the square he had placed a blue plastic tarpaulin and on this he placed the two plastic chairs and invited Tim and myself to sit. The girls and the rest of the party were seated comfortably on the wooden poles.

And there in this clearing in the middle of nowhere, he served us! He had prepared chai in a pot on a fire and also roasted his own grown peanuts. There was refreshing water and energy-giving sodas and bunches of bananas. We sat down to a feast, right there, out of the wilderness.

This was his land. And after resting awhile, he led us around. He and his son had cleared a path through the thorns and bush and they wanted to show us their hives! After that first training in February with the beekeeper group, they had moved quickly to get their own hives up. They had placed 15 simpler hives in trees and now all 15 are colonized! We have given 12 top bar hives to the group to share and learn from and had no idea that individuals would be so keen and quick to develop the beekeeping! Credo and Baba Tanda amazed us!

Baba leads with his fimbo (stick)
... and on...

Baba and Credo have great plans for some fish farming here!

Inspecting a hive
Walking back
We made it back to the landcruiser just as the sun went down!
We had a really good weekend in Malya with the beekeepers and Mamas Group ... even if we did forget the toilet paper (yes, it was a sinking wilderness feeling when I realised). Even though a village funeral rather threw a spanner in the works for the group meetings. Yes, despite it all, it was very good!

So much promise coming out of so much wilderness! Yes, we step on thorns, get scratched in the bush and have to jump the siafu biting ants, but in the clearing there is refreshment and rest. And the sweet hope of honey to come!

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  1. Great encouragement that they have all colonised. Well done team Monger. Blessings


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