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Friday, 1 July 2016

Happy Canada Day from Tanzania!

Happy Canada Day from Tanzania! The flags and streamers came out again, cinnamon buns and maple cookies were baked and fun was shared with friends! We had good American friends over and they gamely joined in singing the national anthem, tattooing on the maple leaf, and playing Empires with Canadian provinces and territories. Despite our flags being now rather stained with butter tart remains, our streamers torn and faded after years of use and being down to the final few Maple Leaf napkins, we did our part to honour the occasion!   
They probably wouldn't let these crazy people in Canada anyway!
Maple Cookies

Cinnamon buns and tattoos with the Guild family

Still love the beautiful pillowcase Bethi (nee Ferguson) made for us on our first married Canada Day!
It was also good to celebrate to the end of school as today is the first day of school holidays for us here in Mwanza! Both Amisadai and Louisa finished well years 7 and 5 respectively, coming away with very good reports and some end-of-year awards. They have enjoyed all the end-of year activities … Art Festival, Swimming Gala, International Day, special assemblies …. and are now ready and happy for a break!
Louisa wins her backstroke race with a sprained wrist!

Louisa receives her award in maths
Amisadai receives her award
There's more yet to tell, but our wifi is finishing any second and with no power here, my computer battery is indicating imminent shut-down. So until next time ...

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