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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Hope of Mother's Love

Things have really been moving with the mamas! In these past eight days, we have met three days as a group and then also been part of a two-day women's seminar on "Understanding Albinism." It's been a pretty busy week for the Mongers, also with guests for meals, agricultural training days, other project meetings and of course, that "back-to-school" rush (I think both girls managed to pack themselves a lunch every day!)

Upendo wa Mama Group


First of all, the best thing for me about this week, was moving with the Mamas Group into their new working space! It is fantastic! For so long, we have prayed and hoped for this day! We are incredibly grateful to Standing Voice for their help and support! We have a beautiful room with a large table to work at with chairs to sit on. We have a sink with running water and an electric kettle and can share chai together! We have a shaded outdoor space to work in and a beautiful garden to look at!
Outside "our office"
(I love that this property was recently loved and lived on by good friends of ours!)

So with orders mounting, the mamas are now increasing their working hours! Meeting every Saturday and Wednesday, they are busy making cards, soaps, jewellery and beeswax products. We are currently looking into the possibility of getting an oven and sewing machines now that we have a place for them! With that, we are excited about starting more training (and therefore hopefully more products) in tailoring and baking. It all sounds exciting and wonderful (and it is, really) but it is also rather overwhelming! Trying to maintain quality control in the chaos is exhausting! Trying to maintain a focus on the One who holds all things together and a priority on relationship when surrounded by the distractions of money-making projects is not always easy. But evident this week was the gratitude of each one of us to God, for this place, and for what, through Him, we can do together. There is so much hope for the future!

I love this photo! It sums it all up ... the Word of God surrounded by cups of chai
and a colourful mess of creativity working around it!


We were all involved in a seminar on Monday and Tuesday on "Understanding Albinism." This was organized by Under the Same Sun for thirty women who either have albinism or have children with albinism. It was an excellent time for the women to learn about the genetics of the condition they face, the scientific truth which combats the lies and curses they have heard. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to share with one another; sharing their stories, their fears, their troubles and their hopes. It was well attended by social welfare and community development officers and also lawyers who deal with the terrible cases of attacks and murders of people with albinism. The women were given contact numbers of people who can help; they were taught about human rights and social justice; they were encouraged to start groups and it was encouraging for the other women to see what the Upendo as Mama group has been able to do. It is such a wonderful thing to see hope and excitement in women who have faced so much stigma and pain!
Group discussions

Members of the Upendo wa Mama group sharing

Esther gives out valuable suncream for the mamas and children 
The Upendo wa Mama Group with a number of our children!
This photo was taken by UTSS at the Summer Camp!


  1. Praise the Lord for all of this!! I especially love how "the mamas" are sharing their stories and being an inspiration to others like them at the Understanding Albinism meetings! Wonderful.

  2. Praise the Lord for all of this!! I especially love how "the mamas" are sharing their stories and being an inspiration to others like them at the Understanding Albinism meetings! Wonderful.


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