We live in Mwanza, Tanzania, serving with Emmanuel International helping local churches in physical and spiritual ministry.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Rural Island Health Teammates!

So after a rather "bee-intensive" month, and before you think beekeeping is all we do now, here's a bit of what's cookin' outside the hives. The good news is....

Our team is growing! Our family of four arrived in Mwanza in 2014 and we quickly realised we would need help with the agricultural project. We are so pleased that Peter and Esther were able to join our team and make six (yes, we definitely count the children!), and are thrilled with how they have grown increasingly into their roles. This year (our third in agriculture), Peter and Esther are doing all the agricultural training for new groups in respective villages and taking on increased management of the project. We are also joined by Joseph, who started as our night guard and has grown increasingly into new roles and is now managing the demonstration farm at Kisesa! 

We also soon realised that we needed some specialized help with health-related projects. We are so aware of the huge potential for transformation on the islands and are keenly interested in helping the church develop a rural island health project. We are thrilled that the Ewing family in the UK has responded to our plea! Simon (who will apply his skills and knowledge particularly in renewable energy to the stoves project) and Victoria (who will focus on the health project) and their two children, Tabitha and Reuben, will make us a team of eleven! They are currently preparing to move (hopefully in January) and are raising the necessary funding.
Kome Island
Read on in the recent Down to Earth Magazine to meet them and read about the work they are going to be doing! And you can also meet them here on their blog! It is exciting to see how God is drawing people together and growing the work here in Tanzania!

The Ewing Family

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