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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Harvests, Kids Camp, Boats and Lions

Hippo fighting in Serengeti!
We have all been back together in the same place for two weeks! Amisadai is doing better on new medication, and we have a phone appointment booked with the doctor this week by which time we will have her results.

It has been good to have our friend from UK, Miriam, with us for a few weeks! Her introduction to our Tanzanian life was in Igumumoyo. She went straight from the airport to the church service there where we were celebrating a bountiful year of the conservation agriculture project! Farmers participating in the project are delighted to have 8-12 times the harvest as others. And so now, many in the village are keen and eager to join in and learn for the next season! It was good to celebrate with the church and other farmers along with Peter, Elisha and Bhatendi, our agricultural trainers.
Peter shares a great report to the Igumumoyo Church

Elisha and Pastor Joseph checking out the latest tree seedlings
Peter advising on the Bracheria grasses

What a feast! Huge plates for everyone of rice, fish and beans!
Celebrating Canada Day with Miriam on July 1st!

Then, as school drew to a close and we finished up the honey harvest (with Miriam helping to process and bottle), it was time for the Under the Same Sun Summer Camp for kids with albinism! It was great to see our good friends, Brad and Meg along with their daughter, Sophie back in Mwanza! They were leading a team from North America who came to work alongside MICC and BMCC churches leading workshops for all the kids. It was a bit of a bumpy start to the camp for our family as Louisa suddenly came down with mumps and then I came down with a nasty bug! But it was wonderful to be there when we could! It ran from Tuesday to the following Wednesday and was packed with all kinds of activities in science, art, music, sport, drama, career planning, Bible study … So fantastic for these kids to have the opportunity for lots of fun, amazing meals and also space for counselling and prayer. The mamas from Upendo wa Mama were able to attend some days and also have a stall to sell their products. We took a day out from the camp, with Miriam joining us, to catch up with the many orders they have to fill this month! That was a busy Wednesday of tie-dying, cutting and making beeswraps and making cushion covers … with customers and visitors popping in too!
Some happy kids at camp!

On the North American team's last day we joined them for a sunset boat ride on beautiful Lake Victoria! Halfway through, we hit some choppy waves and many of us got completely soaked, which was great for a laugh!

And then to finish off Miriam's time with us, we headed out to the Serengeti for a wonderful day of watching elephants, finding giraffes and hunting for lions! It was very exciting to finally find the pride of 14 lions well off the beaten track! We truly are so privileged to call this spectacular country home! Enjoy some of our photos here!

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