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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Ready Steady Cook Hive Challenge

Thank you so much to everyone who has already sent kind messages and donations for the #HelpTheHive Fundraiser! We were so thrilled to see them all... even as we felt we have hardly started yet! And thank you to all those of you who are praying for our friends in Tanzania right now with all that is going on. Your prayers and love are so appreciated! 

Now for a bit more information on our Ready Steady Cook Hive Challenge which is coming up on Saturday March 13th! We had a quite a few giggles trying to make this video! 

So there you have it... 

The Challenge: Make a dish with HONEY and only FIVE* other ingredients in 60 MINUTES. 

*You are also allowed up to a tablespoon of basic cupboard ingredients (eg oil, spices, seasonings etc) and water doesn't count!

We would love you to join in! It really is just for fun... for any age (yes, kids' ideas are great too)! We will be setting up a Zoom link for Saturday March 13th at 4pm (UK time) and welcome you to join us then! After a brief introduction, you will go to the kitchen and have ONE HOUR to make your dish and then we will gather together again on Zoom for presentation and taste tasting!

But if you can't make it then (time zones are difficult to work around!) or would rather do your own thing, you can always invite your own friends and family to your own zoom Ready Steady Cook Hive Challenge and share your fun results with us afterwards! This would actually help to get more people involved! And the more the merrier! 

Here in a nutshell is how it works...

Contact us (rachelmonger@gmail.com) before March 10th if you would like join in and get more information! And Let's Get Cookin'!

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